advanced fluid and gas flow management
for industrial applications

Special Nozzles

We supply special nozzles for various applications. Our Special Nozzles are customisable and come in a range of materials and dimensions.

Our Special Nozzles are designed to revolutionise fluid and gas flow management in various industrial applications. Engineered with precision and high-quality materials, our Special Nozzles deliver optimal performance and reliability, ensuring consistent and accurate flow patterns. The innovative nozzle technology is tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse industries, ranging from agriculture to Aerospace, enabling businesses to achieve enhanced operational efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

By integrating our Special Nozzles into your processes, you can benefit from their advanced features, superior durability, and exceptional adaptability, streamlining your operations and maximising productivity.

Our Special Nozzles series includes:

  • Nozzle Series UGP – suitable for in-line blowing.
  • Nozzle Series UGL – suitable for cleaning rectangular photocells.
  • Nozzle Series UGD – suitable for cleaning optical sensors.
  • Nozzle Series UGF – suitable for cleaning optical fibres.
  • Nozzle Series UGB – suitable for cleaning optical fibres.

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Features & Benefits


  • Customisable and adaptable to different applications.
  • Available in a range of materials and dimensions.
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries, including food and drink, aerospace, agriculture, automobile, healthcare and others.
  • Different lines available for different applications.


  • Provides highly accurate, consistent high powered air streams.
  • Highly reliable and low maintenance.
  • Enhances operational efficiency whilst reducing energy consumption.
  • Improves productivity.

Info & Downloads

Special Nozzles Information & Downloads

For further information on the Special Nozzles please feel free to download the supplied PDF manuals and specification sheets. If you require more details or would like to discuss your specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

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