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Enclosure Cooling Solutions ensure that electrical and electronic cabinets remain cool, uncontaminated, and safeguarded, providing a budget-friendly alternative to costly, high-maintenance air conditioning units while eliminating the risk of contamination from unclean, humid air generated by fans.

Modern compact, multi-functional electronic controls, adjustable speed drives, servos, and programmable logic controllers are highly susceptible to heat and pollutants. Reduced cabinet dimensions make temperature regulation challenging, leading to a higher likelihood of premature failures. Excessive heat can result in digital displays showing incorrect readings, drifting controls, and breakers tripping below their rated capacity. This ultimately leads to decreased productivity due to machinery or production line shutdowns.

Vortex Enclosure Cooling Systems maintain a slight pressurisation within the cabinet, ensuring that electrical and electronic components remain clean and dry. Most systems are thermostatically controlled to keep enclosure temperatures within a specified range.

Vortec provides a diverse range of enclosure cooling solutions to accommodate your specific needs, with various cooling capacities and hazardous locations; ATEX & UL certified models are available.

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  • Polycarbonate box with noise reduction muffling
  • Built-in mechanical thermostat
  • Achieve true refrigeration using only compressed air
  • Preserves the sealed nature of NEMA and JIC boxes
  • Maintains slight pressurization in the enclosure while operating
  • Incorporates a relief valve to prevent over-pressurization
  • Installs in standard electrical knockout
  • Highly reliable with no moving components
  • UL Listed, File E187045


  • Remarkably quiet, 62 dBA operation – 78% quieter than conventional vortex tube coolers
  • Thermostatically controlled to maintain enclosure temperatures between 21°C and 38°C
  • Decreases operating costs – runs only when necessary
  • Adaptable mounting options – top, side, or front (door)
  • No wiring needed for installation – 5-minute installation
  • Minimal to no maintenance expenses, compared to Freon A/C and fans
  • Functions in environments up to 80°C
  • Various cooling capacities available to optimize performance and operational cost

Need Help Choosing The Right Enclosure Cooler?

When it comes to choosing the right cooler for your enclosure it can seem a bit daunting. We make it easy by taking the guesswork out for you.

With our free Heat Load Calculator, simply input the information according to your specific enclosure and the calculator will suggest the best product!

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