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Air Jets amplify air volume up to 25 times more than compressed air alone. Designed to reduce compressed air consumption, for example, in contrast to copper tubes, iron/steel pipes, open jets, and other parts without an engineered nozzle, Air Jets provide strong air flow at one end whilst the other end creates suction through free air that is entrained. Air Jets, therefore, use less compressed air overall and reduce operating costs of up to 75% – whilst still delivering equitable or greater thrust performance.

Air Jets are ideal for all blow-off, conveying, cooling and drying applications. Providing precise, concentrated and targeted air flows, Air Jets are also suitable for parts movement and parts ejection, without the need for motors or pumps, as well as stripping applications for water, solvents and light oil. Air Jets are also variable, meaning that power and thrust can be adjusted for each application across a range of 0.55-4.75N oz-force.

Our Air Jets fully meet OSHA pressure specifications and noise specifications, with a low noise level of 65-85 dBA, meaning noise levels are reduced by up to 70% in comparison to non-amplifying equivalents.

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Features & Benefits


  • Wide range of designs, force and thrust levels, as well as options for suctions and outlets depending on requirements.
  • Conveys small parts without motors or pumps.
    Adjustable power and thrust level range from 0.55-4.75N force.
  • Nozzle air stream sizes range from 5mm to 25mm.
    Variable output thrust options are also possible by changing or adding the internal shim.


  • Enhanced blow-off with 25 times more air volume than compressed air alone.
  •  Ideal for blow-off, cleaning, cooling, drying, parts movement, parts ejection and water/solvent/light oil stripping.
  •  Up to 75% reduction in operating costs compared to compressed air alone.
  •  Noise levels meet OSHA specifications (65-85 dBA), a reduction of up to 70% compared to non-amplifying equivalents.



ApplicationBlow Off & CoolingBlow Off, Focused OutputConveyingConveyingBlow Off, Adjustable
Duct Diameter (mm)N/AN/A1919N/A
Thrust (g)17039717039757 - 482
Air Amplifcation - Unducted2525252525
Air Amplication - DuctedN/AN/A44N/A

Info & Downloads

Air Jets Information & Downloads

For further information on the Air Jets please feel free to download the supplied PDF manuals and specification sheets. If you require more details or would like to discuss your specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Instruction Manual

Round Air Flow Amplifiers Product Instructions

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