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Vortec Air Knives

Air Knives deliver sheets of amplified, uniform air, powerful enough to remove liquid and debris from the surfaces of wide objects. Air Knives only require a small amount of filtered compressed air as they are air amplifiers, producing 25 times the amount of air amplification compared to compressed air alone.

The air sheets produced by our Air Knives are high-velocity, laminar, and ideal for high-speed drying, cooling and blow-off applications, including on large assembly production lines, such as auto bodies. Air Knives are also suitable for moving objects such as webs, film, sheets and strips.

Our Air Knives design is patented, producing highly efficient uniform air sheets, increased thrust and velocity, as well as reduced noise.

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Features & Benefits


  • Ideal for large surfaces.
  • Air flow can be adjusted via interchangeable shims for different applications.
  • Air Knives are available in a range of lengths, including 6 inches (152mm), 12 inches (305mm), 18 inches (457mm) and 24 inches (610mm).
  • Air Knives come with either a single compressed air inlet up to 12 inches (305mm) or a dual inlet for longer models.
  • No maintenance is required for moving parts.


  • Provides uniform blow-off superior to nozzles/jets.
  • High performance, with 25 times air amplification over compressed air alone.
  • Significantly reduced costs in comparison to fans and blowers.
  • Significantly reduced compressed air usage in comparison to open nozzles and jets.
  • Quick and thorough drying/cleaning of surfaces pre-painting/coating.
  • Easy to mount, move and control air sheet outputs.
  • Safe and quiet, meeting OHSA requirements, and with no guards/rotating equipment.



Length (cm)7.615314661
Number of Air Inlets11122
Air Consumption @ 6.9 bar450 slpm900 slpm1800 slpm2700 slpm3600 slpm

Info & Downloads

Vortec Air Knives Information & Downloads

For further information on the Vortec Air Knives please feel free to download the supplied PDF manuals and specification sheets. If you require more details or would like to discuss your specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Instruction Manual

Air Knives Product Instructions

Individual Model Specification Sheets

921 Specification Sheet

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