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ATEX Vortex A/C

Our ATEX AC Enclosure Coolers are designed for purged electrical enclosures (purge system sold separately) in ATEX Zones 2 and 22, as well as Temperature Class T4 areas (ATEX Certification Ex II 3 GD T4/ Tamb -20°C to 79°C (-4°F to 175°F).

Compact and small multi-function electronic controls, variable speed drives, servos and programmable logic controllers, are all vulnerable to both heat and contamination because it is difficult to control temperatures in smaller electrical and electronic controls and enclosures/cabinets. Our ATEX AC Enclosure Coolers maintain a slight pressurization to keep electronic components clean and dry, significantly reducing overheating and contamination that can cause digital displays, controls and breakers to malfunction, misread, drift and trip below rated loads.

Quick and easy to install in under five minutes, our ATEX AC Enclosure Coolers come with top, side, or front (door) mount options. As well as this, our ATEX AC Enclosure Coolers are available in four different cooling capacities, from 900 to 5,000 BTU/hr, and ensure energy use reduction through an integral mechanical thermostat.

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Features & Benefits


  • ATEX Certified Ex II 3 GD T4.
  • Tamb -20°C to 79°C (-4°F to 175°F).
  • Maintains temperature between 26°C to 32°C (80°F to 90°F) in environments up to 79°C (175°F).
  • Works with all cabinets and suitable for tight spaces.
  • Multiple cooling capacities available.
  • Quiet operation at 62 dBA, 78% quieter than standard coolers.
  • Sleek, modern design with top, side, or front (door) mount options.
  • Comes with air filter and ducting kit.
  • Maintains slight pressuriation in the enclosure.


  • 10-year warranty.
  • ATEX Certified for Zones 2 and 22.
  • Installation time under five minutes (no wiring required).
  • Reduces costs – user maintains ideal temperature range via thermostatic control.
  • Includes check valve to prevent loss of enclosure pressure when cooling not required.
  • Highly reliable and low maintenance.
  • Prevents dirty, humid or ambient air entering cabinet.
  • Significant savings compared to to Freon ACs.



Product NumberCooling Capacity (Watts)Air Consumption @ 100 psig (slpm)RatingSystem or Cooler Only?Sound LevelThermostat
7315-BSP264425ATEX*Cooler Only60 dBAMechanical
7325-BSP440708ATEX*Cooler Only66 dBAMechanical
7335-BSP733992ATEX*Cooler Only72 dBAMechanical
7370-BSP14651983ATEX*Cooler Only75 dBAMechanical
7415-BSP264425ATEX*System60 dBAMechanical
7425-BSP440708ATEX*System66 dBAMechanical
7435-BSP733992ATEX*System72 dBAMechanical
7470-BSP14651983ATEX*System75 dBAMechanical
* ATEX Zones 2 & 22 and Temperature Class T4 Areas (Ex II 3 GD T4)

Info & Downloads

ATEX Vortex A/C Information & Downloads

For further information on the ATEX Vortex A/C please feel free to download the supplied PDF manuals and specification sheets. If you require more details or would like to discuss your specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Instruction Manual

ATEX Vortex A/C Product Instructions

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