Cooling Vests

Employees working in harsh temperatures use Vortec Cooling Vests (VCVs) to maintain a comfortable temperature, reducing heat stress and exhaustion. This enhances their comfort and overall productivity.

Vortec personal cooling vests consist of two main elements:

1. A cooling tube that produces cool air, delivering airflow to the wearer
2. A perforated cooling vest that allows cold air to circulate, decreasing the individual’s body temperature

VCVs come in two cooling capabilities; 1500 BTUH and 2500 BTUH. All versions can attain temperature variations of -25-33°C from the input compressed air temperature employing vortex tube technology. Workers can easily adjust these models using an integrated temperature control knob.

The perforated air vests come in three sizes: Large, X-Large, and XX-Large, providing continuous cooled air through their perforated inner lining. The robust vest enables a full range of movement without restricting airflow and does not retain sweat or other pollutants. Body cooling vests can be worn under additional protective clothing as well.

*Note: NIOSH only approves complete Supplied Air Respirators (SAR) Systems. None of the Vortec Cooling Vest products mentioned above are approved for use with a respirator system. More information about the requirements can be found in CFR 84.131.

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  • Two cooling capacities (1500 BTUH and 2500 BTUH)
  • Integrated temperature control knob for easy adjustment
  • Available in three sizes: Large, X-Large, and XX-Large


  • Minimizes heat stress and fatigue, enhancing worker productivity
  • Allows full range of motion without restricting airflow
  • Can be worn under additional protective clothing for added safety

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