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Our Standard Enclosure Coolers are available in cooling capabilities ranging from 400 BTU/hr to 5000 BTU/hr, as well as NEMA 12, NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X versions. Available with or without an electric thermostat or a constant run thermostat, our Standard Enclosure Coolers maintain a temperature set point of plus or minus -16°C (3°F).

Our Standard Enclosure Coolers are a highly effective and cost-saving alternative to expensive air conditioners which are high maintenance and can cause contamination.

Compact and small multi-function electronic controls, variable speed drives, servos and programmable logic controllers, are all vulnerable to both heat and contamination. This is because it is difficult to control the temperature in smaller electrical and electronic controls and enclosures/cabinets. Our Standard Enclosure Coolers prevent overheating and contamination that can cause digital displays, controls and breakers to malfunction, misread, drift and trip below rated loads.

Our Standard Enclosure Coolers ensure slight pressurisation in cabinets. They can also maintain enclosure temperatures via a thermostat control, meaning electrical and electronic components remain clean, dry, and at a specified temperature range.

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Features & Benefits


  • Thermostatically controlled models ensure enclosure temperatures are maintained to user-specified range.
  • Electrical thermostat models ensure plus or minus -16°C (3°F).
  • Works in environments of up to 79°C (175°F)
  • Comes with air filter plus ducting kit.
  • Ensures slight pressurisation in the enclosure.


  • Highly reliable, low maintenance and easy to install.
  • Prevents dirty, humid and ambient temperatures from entering the cabinet.
  • Available in multiple cooling capacities, which helps ensure optimum performance and lower operating costs.
  • Works with all cabinets, including in tight spaces.
  • Reduces operating costs with thermostatic controls.
  • Cost saving compared to Freon ACs as well as fans.
  • No refrigerants required.



Product NumberCooling Capacity (Watts)Air Consumption @ 6.9 bar (slpm)RatingSystem or Cooler Only?Sound LevelThermostat Option
711-BSP117227NEMA 12Cooler Only53 dBANone
721-BSP440708NEMA 12Cooler Only75 dBANone
721-15H-BSP264425NEMA 12Cooler Only75 dBANone
721-35H-BSP733992NEMA 12Cooler Only85 dBANone
727-BSP498708NEMA 4Cooler Only84 dBANone
727-15H-BSP264425NEMA 4Cooler Only75 dBANone
727-35H-BSP733992NEMA 4Cooler Only85 dBANone
727SS-BSP498708NEMA 4XCooler Only84 dBANone
727SS-15H-BSP264425NEMA 4XCooler Only75 dBANone
727SS-35H-BSP733992NEMA 4XCooler Only85 dBANone
730-BSP264425NEMA 12System75 dBANone
737-BSP264425NEMA 4System75 dBANone
737SS-BSP264425NEMA 4XSystem75 dBANone
740-BSP264425NEMA 12System75 dBAElectric
747SS-BSP264425NEMA 4XSystem75 dBAElectric
750-BSP117227NEMA 12System53 dBAElectric
760-BSP117227NEMA 12System53 dBANone
780-BSP440708NEMA 12System75 dBANone
785-BSP733992NEMA 12System85 dBANone
787-BSP498708NEMA 4System84 dBANone
7870-BSP14651981NEMA 12System91 dBANone
787-35H-BSP733992NEMA 4System85 dBANone
7875-BSP14651981NEMA 4System91 dBANone
7875SS-BSP14651981NEMA 4XSystem91 dBANone
787SS-BSP498708NEMA 4XSystem84 dBANone
787SS-35H-BSP733992NEMA 4XSystem85 dBANone
790-BSP440708NEMA 12System75 dBAElectric
795-BSP250035NEMA 12System85 dBAElectric
7970-BSP14651981NEMA 12System91 dBAElectric
7975SS-BSP14651981NEMA 4XSystem91 dBAElectric
797SS-BSP498708NEMA 4XSystem84 dBAElectric
797SS-35H-BSP733992NEMA 4XSystem85 dBAElectric

Info & Downloads

Vortex Coolers Information & Downloads

For further information on the Vortex Coolers please feel free to download the supplied PDF manuals and specification sheets. If you require more details or would like to discuss your specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Instruction Manual

Vortex Coolers Product Instructions for all models

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