Aireka Air
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Powerful, high speed
air flows

Aireka Air Flow Amplifiers

Powerful, high speed air flows with our AM Series round air flow amplifiers.

Our AM Series round air flow amplifiers are ideal for vacuum and blow-off applications. Performing the dual function of suction and blow-off, the AM series air flow amplifiers are used for ventilating electrical panels, conveying fumes and lightweight particles, drying and cooling.

The AM Series round air flow amplifiers are designed to utilise the Coanda effect, meaning they only require a small amount of compressed air in order to generate a powerful and high-speed air flow. Air flow rates are adjustable by simply turning the nut positioned at the inlet.

Our AM Series round air flow amplifiers can be combined with our VR series coolers, meaning they have the capability to draw hot air out of enclosures and ventilate closed areas in need of cooling.

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Features & Benefits


  • Generates powerful, high-speed, laminar air-flow.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring suction and blow-off.
  • Comes with a wide vacuum and blow-off section.
  • Instant operation.
  • Air flow can be regulated with an adjustable ring.


  • Engineered to maximise the Coanda effect.
  • Reliable and maintenance free.
  • No moving parts.
  • No electricity, so no sparks or interferences.
  • No chemical products are required.
  • More efficient than Venturi devices and enjectors.



SpecificationAM-10TAM-15TAM-20TAM-25TAM-30TAM-40T AM-50T
Air Supply PortG-1/8" FG-1/8" FG-1/4" FG-1/4" FG-1/4" FG-3/8" FG-3/8" F
Inlet DiameterØ-19Ø-19Ø-32Ø-32Ø-38Ø-50Ø-63
Outlet DiameterØ-19Ø-19Ø-32Ø-32Ø-38Ø-50Ø-63
Air Supply Pressuremax. 7 barmax. 7 barmax. 7 barmax. 7 barmax. 7 barmax. 7 barmax. 7 bar
Recommended TubeØ-6x1 - Ø-8x1Ø-8x1 - Ø-10x1Ø-8x1 - Ø-10x1Ø-10x1 - Ø-12x1Ø-10x1 - Ø-12x1Ø-12x1 - Ø-14x1Ø-10x1 - Ø-12x1

Info & Downloads

Aireka Air Flow Amplifiers Information & Downloads

For further information on the Aireka Air Flow Amplifiers please feel free to download the supplied PDF manuals and specification sheets. If you require more details or would like to discuss your specific requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

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