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Nema 4X Vortex A/C

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Avoid any downtime, with the most affordable, reliable, and easiest to install thermal protection product available for electrical enclosures!

Just as quiet as an air conditioner (about 62 dBA), the Vortex A/C™ noise level is 73% less than other conventional, vortex type cabinet coolers. When the thermostatically-controlled Vortex A/C is operating, the decibel level is about the same as normal human conversation!

This next generation, Vortex Cooler features an integral mechanical thermostat to conserve energy and maintain enclosure temperatures within a range of 27°C to 32°C. Requiring only a compressed air supply to operate, the UL listed Vortex A/C quickly installs in a 38mm knockout hole to keep electrical control panels cool, clean and protected.

When the going gets tough...

Using vortex tube technology, cold air is generated by the Vortex A/C from the compressed air supply and is distributed throughout the enclosure. Since ambient air never enters the cabinet, it's perfect for harsh, dirty environments. In fact, the Vortex A/C features an optional "purge-air" port that, when opened, will provide a constant positive pressure inside the enclosure to purge the cabinet of any contaminated surrounding air. Withstanding extreme temperature conditions, the Vortex A/C will provide reliable cooling operation in environments up to 175°F (79° C).

Features and Benefits of the Vortex AC Cooler

Compared to a refrigerant-based air conditioner, a Vortex A/C:

Operation of a Vortex Cooler offers the most affordable, reliable and easiest to install of any thermal protection product available for electrical enclosures!

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