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Energy Saving Air Nozzles & Jets

ITW Vortec Nozzles and Jets will significantly reduce compressed air usage and noise, but even further steps can be taken to conserve energy. Many conventional blowoffs use too much air, and consequently create excessive noise.

For best results, pressure regulators are recommended to adjust to the minimum necessary air required to do the job.

A regulator will isolate the blowoff Nozzle or Jet performance from the typical fluctuations in plant air pressure, and allows optimum blowoff adjustment setting for variations in parts. Blowing at small targets with large air streams often wastes compressed air as well. Resulting blow by is useless and can be harmful when it is reflected backward carrying debris. Often, one large open tube jet can be replaced with a few small Nozzles or Jets.

This set up takes full advantage of amplification and creates an opportunity to design an air spray pattern optimized to the shape of the target. Our technical service personnel can provide additional suggestions and assist you with your project, from a single nozzle sizing request to designing a plant-wide, compressed air savings program.

Air Nozzle and Jet Applications:

All air nozzles and jets are not the same. Vortec's Nozzles and Jets amplify airflow volume up to 25 times more than the compressed air supplied. The result is less compressed air usage to deliver the same or greater thrust performance. Perfect for all types of blowoff, cooling and drying applications, these Nozzles and Jets are available in a variety of low and high thrust models. Use them to meet OSHA compliance as they meet OSHA specifications for noise and dead-end pressure. Additionally, Vortec Nozzles and Jets deliver a very precise airflow making them ideal for parts movement and ejection.

Vortec's Energy Saving Air Nozzles and Jets are used for:

Air Nozzle Features and Benefits

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