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Vortex Enclosure Coolers

Today’s compact, multi-function electronic controls, variable speed drives and servos are extremely sensitive to heat and contamination while their confined enclosures make temperature control difficult. Excessive heat causes components to cook, digital displays to misread, starters and breakers to trip below rated loads and controls to drift. Fans often provide inadequate cooling and commonly pull in dirty, humid air creating another source of failure.

ITW Vortec’s Vortex Cooler™ Enclosure Coolers are the low-maintenance alternative for keeping enclosures cool and clean without Freon or other refrigerants.


Available in NEMA12 : for normal indoor applications
NEMA 4 : waterproof and outdoor use
NEMA 4X : waterproof and corrosion resistant.

Features and Benefits of the Vortex Cooler electrical enclosure cooling system

For more information download our PDF product guide.

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