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Dual-Force Vac

Personal Air Conditioner Vest

Two-Way Drum Pump for Fast Cleanout of Sumps and Parts Washers

Vortec has introduced the new Dual-Force Vac - a powerful yet economical two-way drum pump. Its all-new, patent pending design offers many unique features. The quiet and safe operation of this air-powered drum pump means no motor burn out and no shock hazard. This high quality, dual mode drum pump is priced at or below other's vacuum-only models.


Using filtered compressed air, the heart of the Dual-Force Vac is Vortecs Transvector® air amplifier, which moves a large volume of air using a lesser amount of compressed air. Electric driven vacuums frequently experience motor burnout from handling liquids. The Dual-Force Vac offers both safe and powerful vacuuming of fluids, as well as instant pump out capability.

The Dual-Force Vac is truly a versatile, plant maintenance tool for fast cleaning and pump in/pump out handling of:

The Dual-Force Vac is NOT intended for use with flammable or volatile liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, kerosene, aviation fuel, mineral spirits or any materials that have a low flash point.

For more information download our PDF product guide.

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