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Cold Air Guns

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Cold Air Guns incorporate a vortex tube in a system designed to fit the needs of many common vortex tube applications.


Vortec Cold Air Guns- Incredible Spot Cooling for Machining Operations

Cold Air Guns are used in various industrial processes, fabrication, assembly and packaging as a versatile spot cooling device. Most popular applications involve cooling during the machining of metals, plastics, wood, rubber, ceramics and other materials. Cold Air Guns provide effective cooling for most dry machining operations, allowing increases in feed rates and extending tool life. With no moving parts to wear out, the internal vortex tube converts factory compressed air into a sub-zero air stream, producing temperatures down to as much as -30°F.

The Adjustable Cold Air Gun is ideal for use in machining applications and for cooling parts and industrial processes. The adjustable feature allows you to set the cold airflow rate (BTUH) at optimum levels for your application. The Adjustable Cold Air Gun’s maximum temperature drop is 55.6C° below inlet air temperature and the maximum cooling capacity is 378kcal/H.

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